NEW: MindManager 2018 for Windows – major release!

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MindManager’s Digital Architect Feature: What will you build?

In our recent release of MindManager 2018 for Windows, we introduced a powerful new feature we called the ‘Digital Architect’.… Read more »
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You like it, You really like it!

Six weeks ago, we launched MindManager 2018. It was a big deal for us here at Corel, but we hoped… Read more »
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MindManager 2018 Takes Flight Today!

Hey, remember me? Yes, I know Julie wrote about me in her first blog post, but I have unfortunately not been able to write anything here since … well, since last year’s launch. Here’s why: MindManager 2018 launched today and it rocks!!! We’ve had our heads down for an entire… Read more »

Have you hugged your product manager lately?

“When someone is compelled to come up and hug you at the Farmer’s Market because you work on MindManager, you… Read more »
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It’s Biggerplate survey time! Vote today!

Time is running out! Biggerplate, the global community devoted to mind mapping, has launched its Global Mind Mapping Software Survey.… Read more »

Announcing the New MindManager Enterprise

The Mindjet team at Corel has just released the new MindManager Enterprise. We’re pleased to give our corporate customers a… Read more »
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New MindManager 10 for Mac Update: New Features & Fixes (Service Release 10.5)

We have some good news for Mac users — a free update for MindManager 10 for Mac. The new MindManager… Read more »
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