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From Meetings to Collaboration | eBook

The Problem with Meetings and How Mind Maps Can Help

We’ve all experienced a meeting that felt like wasted time. That feeling typically boils down to one of three things: You’re not listening; You’re not talking; or You’re just not being heard. Mind mapping software naturally transforms meetings from a linear give-and-take of information to a dynamic exchange of ideas… Read more »
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Work Breakdown Structure Template MindManager 2018

[WHITEPAPER] Planning Your Next Project with a Visual Work Breakdown Structure

A little while ago, I wrote a post on the value of using a work breakdown structure (WBS) to plan… Read more »
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Mind Mapping Community

How to Start and Lead a Mind Mapping Community at Work

By: David Halverson (Guest Blogger) This is the first in a series of blog posts by David Halverson, discussing the… Read more »
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Aligned Teams

Insights from Our EVP of Sales & Marketing: How to Keep Your Team Aligned

We’ve been talking a lot recently about team productivity, but I wanted to take a step back and re-visit the… Read more »
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Digital Brainstorming | Feature Image

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Your Next Brainstorm Should Go Digital

  Try Digital Brainstorming with MindManager Today! Want to see the benefits of digital brainstorming for yourself? If you haven’t… Read more »
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“Dashboards are the best way to visualize your work,” says Wojciech Korsak

As mentioned in our last Interview with a Customer post, we’ve been talking a lot about improving productivity and processes… Read more »
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Susie Martinez | Boardroom Presentatio

Reflections From a Business Owner: Using MindManager and Tiers to Manage Your Business and Life

By: Miquiel Banks (Guest Blogger) This is Part 4 of Miquiel’s guest blog series on how business owners use MindManager… Read more »
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