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Project Managers - Strategic Planning Skills

Why Project Managers Need to Cultivate Strategic Planning Skills

By: Chuck Frey (Guest Blogger)  Join us for our upcoming webinar with Chuck Frey on August 7th, titled “How to Hold a Successful Strategic Planning Session”.  Register today! For decades, project managers have toiled away in relative obscurity in the trenches of organizations, balancing time, resources and manpower to efficiently get things done.… Read more »
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Strategic Planning | Chuck Frey | Feature Image

Why Use a Visual Approach to Strategic Planning?

By: Chuck Frey (Guest Blogger)  Join us for our upcoming webinar with Chuck Frey on August 7th, titled “How to… Read more »
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How this Marketing Specialist Uses MindManager in His Daily Work

Brendan McConnell Field Marketing Representative, MindManager If you’re a regular reader of the MindManager Blog, then I’m sure we’ve been… Read more »
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Reverse Brainstorming - Featured Image

How to Solve a Business Problem with Reverse Brainstorming

Most people understand the benefits of a brainstorming session: they’re a great way to gather ideas to solve a problem,… Read more »
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From Presentations to Knowledge Sharing - Featutre

PSA: Your Presentations Are Putting People to Sleep

You’ve undoubtedly experienced the exquisite torture of “death by PowerPoint” — too many slide, and a speaker who is simply… Read more »
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Mind Mapping Community

Building a Mind Mapping Community – Part 2

By: David Halverson (Guest Blogger) This is the third entry in a series of blog posts discussing the topic of… Read more »
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Digital Brainstorming Session

What Happens After the Brainstorm?

Why does announcing a brainstorming sessions sometimes draw groans from the group? Often it’s because experience has led people to… Read more »
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