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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Upgrade to MindManager 11 for Mac

If you’re a MindManager fan, then you’re likely already aware of the major development investments made to launch the enhancements in MindManager 2018 for Windows. We’ve received incredible feedback on this release from our customers (and new customers!). But it’s left some Mac devotees wondering, “What about me?” Well, Mac… Read more »
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Hear Graphic | Show Your Co-Workers the Love

Show Your Co-Workers the Love All Year!

As you may know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day (or as I like to call it Corporate-Mandated Display of Love and… Read more »
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Work Breakdown Structure Template - MindManager Screenshot

Get Planning With This Work Breakdown Structure Template

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a project that’s falling apart at the seams? How about being… Read more »
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MindManager 2018 - Strategy Toolkit

Strategy Toolkit: What are you planning?

“They” say, fail to plan then plan to fail! We think ‘they’ haven’t used MindManager yet because we’re making it… Read more »
MindManager 2018 - Priority View - Sample Diagram

Prioritize Your Work and Life with MindManager

“Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead… Read more »
Jeff Kearns - Former RCN Officer, Consultant and MindManager Customer

Interview with a MindManager Customer: “MindManager is an essential tool for the ‘accidental’ project manager,” says Jeff Kearns

You might have noticed that my interview with project manager John Rogers and Gretta Pecl were focused on the topic of… Read more »
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University of Tasmania Logo

Interview with a MindManager Customer: “Alignment on project goals is critical,” says Gretta Pecl

Gretta Pecl doesn’t have the words “Project Manager” anywhere in her title, but it’s clear her work is a series… Read more »
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