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Information Mapping

Information mapping uses visual framework to let you capture ideas, organize information, and then add hyperlinks, attachments, notes and images to provide context, all within a single shared view. The process of creating these interactive maps helps you and your team quickly gain clarity on problems and opportunities. Because you can see both a complete overview and drill down to access relevant details, Mindjet maps help teams validate priorities, map out timelines, and gain buy-in on tasks and resource assignments.

Mindjet maps can be used in conjunction with Mindjet task management capabilities—when you use maps to define tasks, you can then manage and track them using Mindjet Tasks or via Microsoft SharePoint. Status updates are synchronized in both map and task list views.

File Management & Sharing

Mindjet enables anytime, anywhere access to maps and other files, including from your mobile device. Straightforward permission settings let you decide who can view and edit your work.

Mindjet Desktop
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Social Task Management

Keep your team on point, on task and on time. Assign tasks, update status, and track progress using a prioritized list for each project you define, including your own personal task list. Once projects are defined, users can track tasks, resources, and deadlines to ensure projects are completed on time. Mindjet's social task management capabilities let users monitor status, as well as communicate dynamically using notifications, comments, and posts.

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