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    The new Predictions module uses the crowd to forecast the revenue, cost, and time to market of all the ideas in your innovation pipeline. Make more informed business decisions with more accurate data to back it up with SpigitEngage Predictions.

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    The New MindManager 15.

    The new MindManager 15 for Windows is here. It has improved project management and presentation capabilities, expanded Microsoft compatibility, and more. Buy or upgrade to the most powerful MindManager yet.

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    MindManager Enterprise

    Give the power of mapping to your colleagues by expanding visual business mapping across your entire organisation. Experience better collaboration, streamlined project planning and improved visibility and management of unstructured data with MindManager Enterprise.

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    Innovation Pipeline.

    You have a pipeline for sales. For marketing. For HR. For every vital business activity. Why not a pipeline for innovation? Manage your innovation programme with SpigitEngage to build and fill an innovation pipeline that pumps out results.

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Introduction to SpigitEngage

See how managing your innovation program with SpigitEngage can help surface the best ideas that your
employees, partners, and customers have to offer, so you can quickly turn them into results.

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The Best Companies
Innovate With Mindjet.

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Cisco UK Uses Mindjet to Promote Innovative Startups

Cisco was eager to raise awareness of its role as an innovation leader and highlight its growing partnerships with governments and global communities. UK Prime Minister David Cameron also wanted to help encourage economic growth and accelerate innovation activity in the enterprise sector.

"...we wanted to have a meaningful impact attaching Cisco to the UK in a big way, making the focus on innovation, skills, and learning," said Tom Kneen, Head of Business Development at Cisco BIG."

And Cisco did just that by creating its British Innovation Gateway (BIG) awards programme on Mindjet's SpigitEngage platform, running the competition during the 2012 Olympics and subsequently in 2013.

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$3 Million

Operational Savings


UHG Innovates to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is the largest health and well-being company in the world, serving over 85 million people worldwide. It needed to focus its innovation efforts on streamlining processes and focusing on preventative care, and that meant involving a huge number of people.

"With 137,000 employees, communicating the idea that anybody can be a part of innovation is harder than delivering on that promise," said Greg Hicks, Director of IT and Collaborative Innovation.

UHG was able to deliver on its innovation promise with its "Ignite!" innovation programme powered by the SpigitEngage platform. The result: dramatically improved patient care, customer experience, and discovering huge operational efficiencies.

$250 Million



Citi Banks on SpigitEngage for Global Innovation

With over 240,000 employees in 97 countries, global innovation at Citi is a challenge. In order to come up with best-in-class solutions, it had to innovate at scale.

Citi created the "Future in Banking Challenge" with SpigitEngage to run internal innovation challenges. Over 46,000 employees participated in the first challenge, submitting more than 2,000 ideas. The return on investment was tremendous.

"When we were looking at SpigitEngage, there were two things that got our attention. The first was the ability of the software to integrate into our technology and the second was the platforms ability to scale up for a global organisation," said Head of Innovation Susan Andrews.

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