Mindjet is the Platform for

Enterprise Innovation

Mindjet is the only platform that has the capabilities to drive enterprise innovation at scale. It provides the framework needed to build sustainable, predictable, and repeatable innovation process. Drive engagement that lasts. Choose the best ideas scientifically. And prove the investment you’ve made in innovation is worth every penny.

How Mindjet Helps Your Business Innovate Better


  • Proven game mechanics incentivize participation
  • Social Dynamics keep the crowd involved in the innovation process
  • Innovation Challenges keep colalboration focused on specific goals

Mindjet Social Dynamics keep innovators involved and leaves old-school "business social" behind. Create a completely transparent innovation process where everyone knows their ideas count and voices are being heard. Discussions and comments stay focused on creating and escalating ideas. And proven game mechanics incentivize participation. It's level of engagement that you just can't get from other platforms.

The Mechanics
to Win

  • Quickly and methodically surface only the best ideas
  • Automate the selection process to conserve resources
  • Pairwise Voting makes idea selection fair, objective, and scientific

Only Mindjet has the Innovation Engine that surfaces the best ideas to drive transformative change in your organization. You set the thresholds to automatically elevate ideas to the next level of decision making. And the crowd makes the choices with Pairwise voting that's driven by our patented algorithms. Drive ideas from selection to execution quickly and with the utmost confidence. You have all the right people. They have all have game-changing ideas. And Mindjet turns finding them into a science.

Innovation Today.
Tomorrow. Always.

  • Powerful patented Algorithms make idea selection a scientific process
  • Big data analytics Crowd Science make innovation processes repeatable
  • Implementation is backed by our proven innovation Services Team

Our platform uses patented algorithms that make innovation a scientific process that can be scheduled, predicted, and repeated globally across every department. And when you need extra resources, the Mindjet Services team can provide the expertise to implement the platform, jumpstart engagement, and drive growing innovation programs. With big data analytics, crowdsourcing technology, and scientific insight, Mindjet allows you to harness the power of the crowd and drive innovation. Every day.

Mindjet. Work Inspired.